Now it's even easier
to engage with Advertising Week content.

From podcasts to event sessions, Advertising Week produces a ton of recorded content, chock full of excellent insights.

Snackable AI allows their teams to get a handle on it instantly, auto-generating chapters, highlights, and more. That makes it a lot easier to reveal those insights to their audiences and engage them more.

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Snackable is the insights engine for recorded content.

Our AI automatically generates:

Chapters and transcripts for fast, easy navigation of long content.

Topic tags and speakers to find the most important insights quickly.

Snacks – great snippets – that you can turn into Audiograms seamlessly, and share insight with the world immediately.



Over the next weeks, you’ll start to see more Snackable metadata like this across Advertising Week content – sessions at AW Europe and New York, podcasts like Great Minds and Uncommon Thinking, AWLearn sessions, and more. 


See Snackable in action on Advertising Week now.


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